Enjoy the best support and knowledge combined together

Once you have found your personal trainer, yours truly… We will have a consultation, a chance to meet and discuss your fitness goals. You will also be able to visit my private studio where we will train and ensure that you feel happy and comfortable with the set up. Or if you have your own home gym, I can come to you and see what equipment we will be working with.  Once I have had a chance to go through your needs, fitness goals, injuries and posture analysis I will be able to design a suitable training program. This will include mobility work, specific strengthening exercises and plenty of stretching.

Training can range from once or twice a week to 5 x a week depending on your schedule and goals. The more frequent and consistent you are the quicker you are more likely to reach your goal. The first session may seem a bit slow as we are testing the waters! I would use this session to see where you are fitness wise and decide on what we can build on. Depending on the training package and your fitness goals, this may also include nutritional guidance and online support.