L.E.A.N Muscle Program – Online Coaching

L.E.A.N. into your strength. 

Redefining mid-life fitness for a STRONGER & HEALTHIER YOU.

L – Longevity 

E – Empowerment 

A – Agility 

N- Nurture

Building muscle is the most important safeguard for health because it is the bodily system that will allow us to live our longest, most capable, fulfilling life.
The key is metabolic health.  By increasing your healthy muscle mass, you not only change your body’s physical structure but also direct how your body uses both food and energy.
L.E.A.N Muscle program is your own Personalised Training Program via my app that will allow you to feel confident in your movement while working towards your goals and improving all physical aspects of yourself.

Whatever your goals are, I would love to coach and guide you through them through your own personalised training program that is suited to you and your goals and help you build fierce confidence in your abilities.

Who is this for?

For the woman who is ready to take her training goals to the next level and wants to take away all the guesswork! It’s empowering turning up to your workout knowing that you’re on track to your goals with your plan to execute without relying on motivation because you have a strong mindset towards your training, goals, and your why. If you’re not seeing results from what you’re currently doing then a personalised program and coaching is the way to push past this block.

What will you achieve?

✓  improve your fitness

✓  lose fat & build and shape your body

✓  increase your strength and overcome any weaknesses

✓  build confidence in yourself and your training abilities

✓  learn how to train and move correctly

✓  push, challenge, and lean how to show up for yourself

✓  get the results you have always wanted

What’s included?

✨ An initial comprehensive questionnaire to assess your current level of fitness, injuries, goals, time constraints and equipement available.
✨ An initial movement assessment to assess your current form and technique.
Detailed personalised training block every 6 weeks via training app (gym and or home-based).
Technique video analysis and weekly training feedback to get the most out of your training and continue improving.
Bi-weekly check-in to keep you accountable, on track and progressing towards your goals.
High level of support with week day messaging access to your coach.

**With my 25 years experience as a Physiotherapist & 13 years as a Certified Personal Trainer you can rest assured your program will be safe and effective with an emphasis on injury prevention and or rehabilitation (if you have an injury).**

Training can range from twice a week to 5 x a week depending on your schedule and goals. The more frequent and consistent you are the quicker you are more likely to reach your goals.