Online Nutrition Coaching

Who is this for?


For the woman who is sick and tired of not knowing how to eat for her goals….

Maybe you’ve tried all the diets in the past and nothing seems to stick or work for you long-term. All of the conflicting information out there can get too much!  In my Nutrition coaching I take into account your unique Human Design,  goals, preferences, and lifestyle so that you can eat in a way that’s not only enjoyable but sustainable and it makes sense to you.


When you start to eat in a way that aligns with your health, goals, and preferences it becomes a lifestyle and way of eating that makes sense.  You begin to experience first-hand how incredible eating well makes you feel which has a positive knock on effect into all areas of your life becoming a part of your new identity.

After completing nutrition coaching you will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to eat for your goals, health, and lifestyle and make decisions going forward that align with you.

What will you achieve?

✓  Weight loss if that is your goal.

✓  Increased energy.

✓  Tools to be able to eat out, socialise, go away on holiday and stay on track with your goals.

✓  Be able to eat foods that may in the past have been deemed “bad” or off limits.

✓  Evolve to be the kind of person who enjoys healthy living so that consistency feels easy.

✓  Improve your mindset around all things nutrition and how you view food.

✓  Become an expert in your own journey.

✓  Learn the WHY behind your struggles and the solutions to overcome them.

What’s included?

✨ Your own personalised nutrition strategy (e.g custom macros/calories targets, example days of eating, intuitive eating plan, portion guide) + education on how to implement this into your lifestyle with ease.
✨ Bi-weekly check-in to keep you accountable, on track and progressing toward your goals (including reviewing your nutrition).
✨ In app meal tracking, macro counting, sample meal plan with an extensive receipe library so you become an expert in your own journey and self.
✨ High level of support with week day messaging access to your coach.