VIP Coaching – Thrive by Design

Welcome to Thrive by Design

Who is this for?

This is for the woman who wants to take her journey to the next level. She wants her training, her nutrition, her lifestyle, her habits, her behaviours, and her mindset transformed. 1:1 coaching is my most high-level and in-depth service.

What will you achieve?

My VIP online coaching program is designed for women who are ready to take their health and fitness to the next step in reaching their goals and:

✓  Want to preserve muscle strength & bone density.

✓  Are ready to uncover how they’re uniquely designed to move their body, feed their body, rest their body and so much more.

✓ Are ready to master their hormones and metabolism without overwhelm.

✓ Are ready to change their mindset toward nutrition and eat without restriction.

✓ Want to improve their relationship with their body.

✓ Who wants to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

✓ Are ready to look, feel, and become their best.

✓ Want to find something that works for them and be able to stick to it without having to rely on motivation.

✓ Desire to feel confident and empowered within themselves.

✓ Learn how to actually create new habits and break bad ones using evidence-based strategies.

✓ Have tried the challenges, the diets, the fads, and quick fix approaches and seek something that works for them.

✓ Have a growth mindset towards everything in their journey and life.

✓ They no longer want to base their worth and feelings on the scales as a progress marker.

✓ Wants to become an expert within themselves and in their own journey.

Get ready to embark on a life-changing journey towards a stronger, healthier, confident and more vibrant you!


What’s included?

✨  An initial comprehensive questionnaire & movement assessment to assess your current level of fitness, form and technique, goals and equipement available,
✨  Extensive tools, videos, and personalized guides so you become an expert in your own journey and self.
✨  Detailed personalised training block every 6 weeks via NPF app (gym and or home-based).
✨  Your own personalised nutrition strategy, I meet you where you are at and create a plan that is simple and easy to imprement (options range from simple weekly shifts/strategies, to custom macros/calorie targets with example days of eating, intuitive eating plan, portion guide etc.) + education on how to implement this into your lifestyle with ease.
✨  Evidence-based mindset coaching strategies and tools to learn the ‘WHY’ behind your struggles with solutions to overcome them.
✨  Technique video analysis and weekly training feedback to get the most out of your training and continue improving.
✨  Bi-weekly check-in to keep you accountable, on track and progressing toward your goals (and reviewing all your data).
✨ Personalised  coaching experience with high level of support + week day message and voice message (VOXER) access to your coach.


Thrive by Design uses my proven S.H.I.F.T. method.

S.   Simple Stress management

H.   Hormone Harmony

I.   Intuitive Intelligence (your unique Human Design)

F.   Food for Function, Fuel & FUN!

T.   Tailor-made Training (no cookie cutter program here)