Laurie Maynard Bsc.PT, canfitpro PTS/NWS, CHN

“Progress over Perfection”

I strive to help busy ladies and overwhelmed moms achieve a body they are comfortable and confident in and a fit lifestyle without compromising their families needs. I believe that progress is more important than perfection and that food and training can and SHOULD be fun. I hope we can share that mindset and hopefully my coaching will help you on your journey. The power of change is in your hands, but my goal is to help you find a balance of health and happiness along the way with my passion for living a fit and vibrant life.

Fitness has always been a part of my life. I swam competitively as a child, discovered weight training as a teen, played Ultimate Frisbee competitively for years. I have trained and competed in quite a few half marathons (one when I was 4 months pregnant), I have trained and competed in many triathlons (Half Ironman in 2008), and competed in my first figure competition when my youngest child was only 8 1/2 months old. And then competed again in 2015 and won 4th place.

I am a busy mom of two beautiful children so I understand busy schedule. I have first hand knowledge of what becoming a mom does to your mind, body, and spirit. I have been through the struggles with body image, confidence and frustration. But I have come out a winner and developed a system that has helped many other women find their health and confidence again. My goal is to help all women find their inner Superwoman!

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, and have over 23 years of clinical experience as a Physiotherapist. I am also a canfitpro Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition & Wellness coach. A Certified Holistic Nutritionist. An East to West Certified Yoga Exercise Specialist Instructor, & Pilates Mat Instructor, and Stott Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor.

My combined Physiotherapy, personal training, yoga and pilates expertise allows me to deliver fitness programs for clients that are effective, safe, medically sound. 

                                                     YEP THAT’S ME!! 

Sustainable fat loss doesn’t come from excuses, magic pills or fad diets.  It’s in the consistent action, the one day at a time, one habit at a time hustle that gets results! 


Progress over Perfection!!

By focussing on your specific fitness goals as well as posture and core strength I ensure you feel confident, more energetic and generally happier. You may even start to enjoy exercising!

Post Natal training

Have you recently given birth and would like to get back into an exercise routine? Maybe you want to get back to the shape you were pre-pregnancy but are unsure of what to do and feel uncomfortable and tired a lot of the time. As a Registered Physiotherapist who specializes in post natal care, I can give you gentle guidance and a program that will suit your needs. I am also flexible with training times.

injury rehab and prevention

Do you have an injury? Do you want to exercises but not sure what to do to prevent re-injury? Do you want more muscle definition? To feel stronger and more confident? As a Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Personal trainer we can work together to safely treat your injury and build your strength and endurance.


Do you feel lost with all of the conflicting nutritional advice and fad diets these days? As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I can provide you with a sound nutrition protocol that will get you sustainable results and complement your training regime to help you feel better in your own skin.