Online coaching 

“Her online programs are affordable, interesting, challenging, and most of all: achievable.” -S.H. Ottawa

“At the age of 50, after leading a mostly sedentary life for 6 years, I embarked on a life changing journey. I allowed myself to become “Priority Number One” and lost 30 lbs in just 6 months by changing my mindset, my eating habits and re-introducing exercise. Although I was happy with the weight loss, I was not satisfied with how my body looked. That’s when I discovered Laurie!! I completed Laurie’s Little Black Dress Challenge and I knew she would be the one to help me step up my game. Laurie has been my “virtual” personal trainer ever since. Laurie’s programs are intense, challenging, yet always doable. Each month, Laurie tailors a “never boring” program to work on specific areas of my body. Over the last year, I’ve seen my waistline shrink and muscles appear. I have even dropped a few more lbs by following her nutrition program. I’m wearing sizes I wore 20 years ago! Having Laurie as my trainer has kept me on track and kept me healthy. She is always available for advice or tips to help you stay focussed. Because of Laurie I’m doing things I never thought I would – like burpees and push ups – and all from home. I just can’t say enough good things about her .. she has helped me change my life, for good.”

-C.  Toronto, ON

I have only been training with Laurie for over a month now, and wow am I impressed. I have always trained with weights, but I would usually follow a generic program, or no program at all. I would also often pull muscles, causing aches and pains that I had no idea how to fix.

 Laurie has not only tailored a training program to give me direction with respect to my goals, but as a physiotherapist, she has tailored each exercise to ensure I don’t risk injuring myself. Her added value as a physiotherapist is priceless in the vast industry of personal trainers.

 Laurie has the ability to push me to reach my potential with killer, yet doable workouts. Today, I feel stronger than ever, and look forward to my continued progress!

 –      N.M., 28 years old, Ottawa, ON

“Thank you so much Laurie for your help in my fitness journey. I really appreciate your knowledge, expertise and encouragement. You have helped me become aware of what to eat and when, in order to benefit the most from my workouts. I have managed to lose some weight, and continue to, but most important to me is the definition I am seeing in my body, as well as my level of energy and all around well-being. It’s been a slow and steady progress, and when things stalled, you helped me tweak a few things and encouraged me to continue because it wouldn’t be long until I saw changes, and you were right! I recently wore a bikini on a trip, something I haven’t done in 10 years, since my honeymoon!”
-M.D. Ottawa, ON

“After 1 month of training with you, I feel really good about my body. ”
-S.H. Ottawa, ON

“I had been struggling for a few years with getting motivated to exercise again. Between a busy job and busy kids I could not and let’s be honest did not want to find time to workout. In my mind it was going to be hard and awful so why do it. Even though I wasn’t feeling great, tired all the time, out of breath after climbing stairs and an ever growing muffin top, I would not commit to a gym. In September 2018, Laurie send out a message advertising a short online five lb in five day program focused on nutrition and exercise. After having indulged all summer I decided I could try five days. The lessons I learned then, I still apply to this day. What to eat and when was a big eye opener for me as well as moving my body everyday. I could do this and I did and after a week, I felt more energized and wanted more! That’s when I signed up with Laurie for her to design some workouts I could do from home as well as support me with my nutrition. She worked with what I had, a few free weights and a big ball at first. I love that when I get home from work I don’t have to leave again and go to a gym, I just head down to my basement, put on some Netflix and follow my program. If I need to see how to do the exercises I can always go back to my personal training Facebook page with videos from Laurie. The results I’ve seen over the past year and a half have been amazing, both physically and how I feel about my body and what it can do for me! Thanks Laurie:)”

-J.B. Ottawa, ON