Human Design Guidebook

The Human Design Guidebook is a 100+ page comprehensive, personalized PDF guide to understanding your unique Human Design with worksheets, journaling prompts, affirmations, checklists, and more to living your unique design.
It covers four parts: the foundations, your energy themes, your gifts & purpose, and your body & mind.

What’s Covered

  • Your Bodygraph

  • Energy Type

  • Strategy

  • Authority

  • Signature Theme

  • Not-Self Theme

  • Definition

  • Profile

  • Defined Centers

  • Undefined Centers

  • Channels

  • Gates

  • Incarnation Cross

  • Digestion

  • Environment

  • Strongest Sense

  • Perspective (Manifesting Style)

  • Motivation

Note: this is PDF – Not a physical booklet

What you’ll discover

  • How your energy functions

  • How you bring in aligned opportunities

  • How to follow your unique intuition

  • How to know if you’re in alignment

  • How to know if you’re out of alignment

  • How you flow and work with others

  • How your personality operates

  • How you get inspired and take in ideas

  • How your mind operates

  • How you express yourself and voice

  • How you lean into your identity

  • How you’re motivated and feel valued

  • How much fuel you have to work

  • How your instincts show up

  • How you process emotions

  • How you handle pressure

  • How your gifts can show up

  • Your life theme and purpose

  • How you take in food and information

  • Your ideal environment

  • How you manifest

  • How you’re motivated

Note: this is PDF – Not a physical booklet


  • Digestible information about your unique energy

  • Worksheets

  • Exercises

  • Real-life examples

  • Affirmations

  • Journaling prompts

Note: this is PDF – Not a physical booklet



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