As a Registered Physiotherapist and Certified Personal Trainer, I am passionate about creating fitness programs targeted toward improving your quality of life and helping you develop a healthier balanced lifestyle. My clients appreciate my many qualifications and feel confident that my understanding of the body and fitness, in combination with my holistic approach, will help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals in a safe and medically sound fashion.

“Thank you so much Laurie for your help in my fitness journey. I really appreciate your knowledge, expertise and encouragement. You have helped me become aware of what to eat and when, in order to benefit the most from my workouts. I have managed to lose some weight, and continue to, but most important to me is the definition I am seeing in my body, as well as my level of energy and all around well-being. It’s been a slow and steady progress, and when things stalled, you helped me tweak a few things and encouraged me to continue because it wouldn’t be long until I saw changes, and you were right! I recently wore a bikini on a trip, something I haven’t done in 10 years, since my honeymoon!”   M.D. nutrition consulting client.





I am elated and if you were standing next to me right now you would get the biggest hug you ever received in your entire life!!!!😄 I got the results at the hospital from my medical of last week and everything is normal, blood work cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure is at 122 over 78. I reached mu goal weight of 255 pounds(I was hoping to get there before Christmas). The hospital staff commented that I was like a 22 year old. lol.
You have guided me on my new path with the menu preps and the workouts designed from my requests. You are truly a professional who knows how to motivate your people to reach their goals.
A thousand thank you’s! Laurie You are the best!!!!!!

P.R. – Ottawa Personal Training & Nutrition Consultation Client

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  • Nancy Tracy

    As a busy mom of two with a full time job, I find it extremely difficult to get to the gym and stay in shape.  Thanks to Laurie and the daily workouts, I can easily stay in shape by finding 20 minutes in my day to exercise, without having to leave my house or buy into expensive home equipment or gimmicks.  The workouts target the areas that I need improvement on and they vary from day to day which allows me to achieve a full body workout by the end of the week.  Additionally, all of the support that Laurie gives her clients is amazing, she’s always there to give you options when you have injuries, and she provides healthy recipes and suggestions to help maintain an active and healthy lifestyle!  Thank you Laurie, you rock!

    Nancy Tracy

    HiiTFiX Gold Customer
  • Shelley Huntley

    Before and during my pregnancy, I worked hard to stay fit. I was worried that following my baby’s birth I would no longer be able to keep up my exercise regime. I was wrong. Laurie’s Mom & Baby personalized fitness class made it possible. The class is offered online and done in your own home. Because of this, I was able to sign up when my baby was only two months old. Being a new mom, I was exhausted and tired much of the day, but having the flexibility to do the exercises whenever I could fit it in – without the hassle of having to leave my house, made it possible.


    Shelley Huntley

    HiiTFiX Gold Customer