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Protein PART 1 : benefits and how you know you are getting enough!

Protein is at the top of my list when it comes to creating any meal “ from breakfast to smoothies to snacks, because it is literally the most important building block of our body “ needed for healthy and vibrant muscle, skin, hair, and nails “ not to mention a healthy metabolism that can efficiently burn fat and keep you energized.

Protein is a major player when it comes to the way your body looks on the outside, AND how it functions on the inside.

Protein Has a Lot of Important Jobs¦

It’s needed for everything from hormone regulation, enzyme production, and regulation of body fat.

For example, did you know that eating protein leads to a release of glucagon, a hormone that helps encourage fat out of your fat cells so it can be used up by your muscles? And it helps your fat cells become less receptive to storing fat.

Additionally, protein is satiating, even more satisfying than fat and carbs, so if you’re skimping on it, you’re missing out on that full, satisfied feeling your body enjoys while the digestive system does its thing.

After a great workout, it’s important to jumpstart the recovery process by getting a good amount of protein (and carbs) in.

Not only that, your body burns more calories when it breaks protein down (boosting your metabolic rate) all the while giving shape, structure, and strength to your muscles.

Protein is how lean physiques are made.

If you are not consuming enough of this essential nutrient, your body has no choice but to break down your muscles to get amino acids from their fibers. What this means is no matter how much time you spend exercising, your muscles will not cooperate unless you feed them properly.

That’s why I include some with every meal especially breakfast!  When you sleep, your body uses most of the nutrients from the last meal you ate; replenishing protein right away ensures your muscles and tissues can continue to repair and grow.

Including protein foods throughout the day means your body will burn more calories simply by the work it takes to digest the protein you consume and encourage more fat loss via hormone production.  Need some help putting together a meal plan that includes a balance of all the nutrients, comment below or dm me to get started today!


5 Signs You May be Protein Deficient:

1: You often experience strong CRAVINGS for things like sweets, caffeine, chocolate, candy, chips, pastries, etc.

Strong cravings are often indicative of unstable blood sugar , your body needs energy and it’s looking for a quick fix. Protein not only helps your blood sugar stabilize, it is also very satiating.

2: You have DIFFICULTY SLEEPING through the night.

The same blood sugar swings that cause cravings can also mess with your hormone balance, which in turn messes with your sleep. A lack of protein can cause your cortisol (the stress hormone) to rise, while your serotonin (the happy hormone) diminishes, causing insomnia or fitful rest.

3: You have muscle and/or joint pain:

The body stores much of its protein reserves in the synovial fluid around the joints (which is then used to rebuild the muscles and joints after strenuous exercise). When protein is deficient, the reserve is tapped, resulting in stiffening joints and tightening muscles.

4: You ride a roller coaster of EMOTIONS, FATIGUE, and STRESS.

Protein helps stabilize your blood sugar, whereas sugar and carbs spike it. Without enough protein, you tend to go high and then low and then high and then low, which is taxing on your system causing erratic mood swings, emotional highs and lows, tiredness and a depletion of your reserves.

5: You are CONSTANTLY HUNGRY with an uncontrollable appetite.

Protein takes more work to metabolize in the body than other nutrients. This means your body is working harder to break down and assimilate protein which improves metabolic function, leads to feelings of fullness, and stabilizes your energy and blood sugar levels.

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