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How to curb sugar cravings!

Today’s food landscape is filled with quick, cheap access to sugar whenever we are craving it — and even when we aren’t.
Whether you reach for sugar after every meal, first thing in the morning or as a bedtime snack substitute these foods instead:

🍓whole, fresh fruit like strawberries and raspberries provides a great source of fiber that allows for the slow-release of the natural sugars. 💥Tip: Blend frozen berries into a smoothie or cream them in the food processor with half a frozen banana to create a thicker frozen texture similar to soft-serve ice cream.🍦

🌟Packed with heart-healthy fats, almonds can help control blood sugar, keeping intense sugar cravings in check.

🌟Cravings can be due to an imbalance of gut bacteria. To reset your gut’s natural balance of bacteria, choose low-sugar Greek yogurt and kefir that are packed with active probiotics. Greek yogurt is also rich in protein, keeping you fueled until your next meal.

🌟The fiber from celery paired with protein and healthy fat from peanut butter is a triple play for stable energy. Snacks rich in these three nutrients are the best way to keep you sustained between meals, as protein, fats and fiber are digested slowly to gradually release energy over time, making it less likely you’ll hit that afternoon energy crash.

💖So the next time you are craving sugar reach for one of these options instead, you body will thank you for it! . 👇🏻comment below and share your go to snack when craving sugar! . 💥If you found this helpful and would like to learn more about how I work with clients to achieve their health and fitness goals send me a DM or go to Contact us and leave me a message!👆🏻

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