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 Little Black Dress Challenge!

  8 Week Body Transformation

This Challenge includes🔥

🌟 quick and effective training program that focuses on metabolic movements to explode your results for gym or home, tailored to your level and what equipment you have available.

🌟 NEW:  Quick 15-20 min HiiT style videos to follow along to keep you motivated

🌟 a nutrition protocol that is gentle but effective and progressive to avoid boredom and those sticky plateaus

🌟a cardio regime that starts with your current cardiovascular level and is  progressive to ensure results

🌟 Accountability every step of the way from me, to guide you through the life stuff, that pops up and  give you the support every fat loss journey needs. ( this the the piece that most people undervalue, which is why results don’t happen fast)

🌟a private Facebook page for the group where I will do lives, demo exercises, share recipes , answer questions etc.

For only  $175  you will get 8 weeks of support, an individualized nutrition and training plan and also have group support. The best of both worlds.

Spots are limited so sign up today!  Next Challenge starts April 1st.


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Every workout will consist of a 2 minute warm up followed by 16 minutes of work and a 2 minute cool down.
In my HiiTFiX program there are three different styles of workouts.

1-HiiTFiX strength – Here you will challenge your body with added weight in 4 different moves.  You will WORK for either 45 or 50 seconds followed by 15 or 10 seconds REST repeating for 3 rounds. There is also a 4 minute Max Effort ( 1 exercise, 20 sec WORK/ 10 sec REST X 8)in the middle of the workout to tap into the EPOC effect.

2-HiiTFiX Interval (40/30/20) – Here you will challenge strength and endurance with 4 rounds of 40 seconds WORK/ 20 seconds REST/ 30 seconds WORK/ 15 seconds REST/20 seconds WORK/ 10 seconds REST.  There is also a 4 minute Max Effort ( 1 exercise, 20 sec WORK/ 10 sec REST X 8)in the middle of the workout to tap into the EPOC effect.

3-HiiTFiX Core & Sculpt – These workouts are a mix of core, Pilates, Pilates Barre  and toning exercises.  There is also a 4 minute Mix Max Effort (2 exercises, 20 sec WORK/ 10 sec REST X 4) in the middle of the workout to tap into the EPOC effect.


Cost for 1 month (16 videos in total) is $80.  Once payment is received you will be given access to the videos to view at your convenience.  You will also be invited to join the private FB group for motivation, accountability and companionship.





 If You:
🌟need to lose weight or just want to be active at home?
🌟 are looking for a healthy maintainable lifestyle?
🌟Want quick reliable and trustworthy solution that works?
🌟want to shape your body, target problem areas all in the privacy of your home?
🌟want to save $ and time?
………Then this program is for YOU

HiiTFiX Is : 

🌟 20 min workouts videos online
🌟Workouts designed to melt fat and tone muscles.
🌟You can do it from wherever you are.
🌟Don’t need any special equipment, use things you have around the house.
🌟All workouts are designed by a registered physiotherapist and certified personal trainer.
🌟An online community forum for support plus access to Laurie Maynard for accountability and support.

The basic principals behind the HiiTFiX workouts is the emerging body of research that is now showing small doses of exercises adds up to big improvements in health and fitness and reduces body weight.  Additional research reveals that strength training and high intensity interval training combined are more effective at reducing body fat than longer duration steady state aerobic exercise.  Researchers believe one reason for this is due to the “after burn” effect (EPOC-exercise post oxygen consumption), in that your body continues to burn additional calories and metabolize more fat long after the high intensity workout is over.  In fact in a 2011 study, one 6 minute workout bout produced 5 X the calorie burn after the workout was over.

In my HiiTFiX workouts I have combined high intensity intervals, strength training, and a core (Pilates) workout to bring you safe and effective daily workouts in less than 20 minutes targeting the entire body.  In each video will be giving options for fitness levels as well as injuries.

What is HiiT?

High-intensity interval training  (HIIT) is a more efficient way of burning fat compared to longer moderately intense cardiovascular exercise. Incorporating some HIIT into your fitness program can bring your fitness to a whole new level… in LESS time.

This type of training is basically including short bursts of very intense spells of exercise in the middle of lower intensity endurance exercise (or slow steady state exercise).  If your goal is to lose weight (i.e. burn fat), exercise research shows that you burn way more fat when you are exercising at high intensity levels than compared to low intensity levels.

Another secret about HIIT!  Doing some High-intenisty interval training opens the door for you to take advantage of something called the EPOC effect. EPOC stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, and can be thought of as a powerful afterburn effect. Basically, after a high-intensity workout, your metabolism is revved up and you continue to burn calories after you have finished exercising for up to 24 hours!  In comparison, long aerobic jogs result in virtually no calorie burn post-work out.

New Path Mom & baby program


A new and stress free way to workout!

Want to start working on getting your pre-baby body back but just can’t find the time? The thought of getting to the gym with your new born sounds insurmountable? Well you are in luck. I’m bringing the workout to you (in the comfort of your own home). The workouts are specifically designed by me, a certified personal trainer and registered physiotherapist, to help you with all your post partum needs. And the best part…. It will take you no longer than 20 minutes:).  Sessions start at the beginning of every month.

You will workout 3 x a week plus a bonus yoga session.
Each workout will be posted on a private Facebook page. Hit Play and workout with me:). I will be going over the exercises and modifications in real time, motivating you as we workout together.
With the private Facebook group we can motivate each other and make each other accountable in a fun and positive way.

The only equipment you need is a
-chair ( not with wheels)
-back pack that you can load up with some form of weight (bag of sugar, flour etc)
– an exercise ball ( optional )
-either 2-3 lb hand weights or two soup cans that are small enough you can hold with your palms facing the floor
– a timer, either an app on your phone. A clock to watch or a watch that you can program. We will be working for either 30, 45, 50 seconds with 10-15 sec rest. If you don’t have something then you will be following my timer in the video and so you will have to replay it for each round:)
-a step stool or bottom of a stair case close by.

Meal plans can be added for an additional cost.