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 Little Black Dress Challenge!

  8 Week Body Transformation

This Challenge includes🔥

🌟a training program that focuses on metabolic movements to explode your results for gym or home,   tailored to your level and what equipment you have available.

🌟 a nutrition protocol that is gentle but effective and progressive to avoid boredom and those sticky plateaus

🌟a cardio regime that starts with your current cardiovascular level and is  progressive to ensure results

🌟 Accountability every step of the way from me, to guide you through the life stuff, that pops up and  give you the support every fat loss journey needs. ( this the the piece that most people undervalue, which is why results don’t happen fast)

🌟a private Facebook page for the group where I will do lives, share recipes , answer questions etc.

For only $130 you will get 8 weeks of support, an individualized nutrition and training plan and also have group support. The best of both worlds.

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I created this new program to help people rediscover their true, healthy and vibrant self.

A healthy lifestyle does’t have to be built around self-deprivation, hours of exercise, and strict dietary restrictions. In fact, these tactics may work in the short term but are not sustainable. My New You program is about tailoring sensible, scientifically based health practices to the life you already live.  It’s about working hard, playing harder, and renewing your balance and energy so you can get up the next day and do it all over again!

This program is all about clean eating and targeted fitness.  It was developed to boost your energy, slim you down, and tone your sexy arms, abs, and butt; and is about loving yourself, energizing your soul, and nourishing your body.

This is NOT a “get fit fast diet”, this is an educational platform for you to take charge of your own life and  fitness. No fads or secret potions; just real information tailored to fit your lifestyle for real results that last!

You will be provided with a nutrition information, recipes for success, a tailored meal protocol, personalized exercise protocol, online group support via private FB page, motivation, advice and guidance.   I will guide you in losing weight or inches, improve your energy, manage stress, trouble shoot social occasions, fight cravings and feel better overall.

This is a 3 month program commitment
 Price $125.00/month



Do you want to:
  • eat clean nourishing food
  • have boundless amounts of energy
  • sleep through the night and wake up in the morning feeling like a new person
  • create tone and definition in muscles that have been neglected
  • nourish every cell in your body with disease fighting antioxidants
  • be mentally sharp and focussed
  • look in the mirror every morning and say “Hello beautiful, I love you!”

This program is for you!

This program will teach you WHAT to do, versus focusing on what not to do.

 You will receive:
  •  a list of healthy foods to include in your diet
  •  a personalized meal protocol tailored specifically with your goals in mind
  •  healthy tips focussing on detoxing the body
  •  you will learn how to plan and prepare your own weekly meals
  •  lots of healthy recipes
  •  education on what to eat and when and how to find the right balance
  •  no-nonsense strategies to combat the most common challenges of modern   life.
  • Measurement tracking with bi-weekly checkins
  • A 3 month personalized workout protocol that you can do at home OR at your gym (IF not already training with Laurie )
  • Unlimited Q & A and helpful info on Facebook Forum
  • Email contact, and Bi-weekly Skype or email checkin to monitor progress and progress protocol
  • accountability &  support, you will not be alone!!!

New Path Mom & baby program


A new and stress free way to workout!

Want to start working on getting your pre-baby body back but just can’t find the time? The thought of getting to the gym with your new born sounds insurmountable? Well you are in luck. I’m bringing the workout to you (in the comfort of your own home). The workouts are specifically designed by me, a certified personal trainer and registered physiotherapist, to help you with all your post partum needs. And the best part…. It will take you no longer than 20 minutes:).  Sessions start at the beginning of every month.

You will workout 3 x a week plus a bonus yoga session.
Each workout will be posted on a private Facebook page. Hit Play and workout with me:). I will be going over the exercises and modifications in real time, motivating you as we workout together.
With the private Facebook group we can motivate each other and make each other accountable in a fun and positive way.

The only equipment you need is a
-chair ( not with wheels)
-back pack that you can load up with some form of weight (bag of sugar, flour etc)
– an exercise ball ( optional )
-either 2-3 lb hand weights or two soup cans that are small enough you can hold with your palms facing the floor
– a timer, either an app on your phone. A clock to watch or a watch that you can program. We will be working for either 30, 45, 50 seconds with 10-15 sec rest. If you don’t have something then you will be following my timer in the video and so you will have to replay it for each round:)
-a step stool or bottom of a stair case close by.

Meal plans can be added for an additional cost.